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***Fixing bugs. Just Not My Problem. [I have a CS degree, and I've even maintained a very, very small kernel, but that was for Legos. I'm out of my depth in nautilus. :)
***Developing goals. You've got to have them, and I'm going to talk about that, but I can't really talk to setting them. That's a problem for Andrew and Linus, I guess :)
***professional QA. Professional QA processes can generate lots of fodder to put into bugzilla (OSDL appears to be doing a lot that could help here) but past that, free software QA is and probably should be a slightly different beast. [QA is ultimately powerful in proprietary software- not so much in free software. Sometimes when I'm honest with myself I'll admit it's not powerful at all :)
***hacking bugzilla. This is a talk about social hacking- fitting bug triage into a pre-existing free software process. It's not about looking at bugzilla code. I'm happy to advise on that, but bugzilla perl tends to make my eyes bleed. :)